For over 40 years the Aussie Incentives team has created, developed and produced successful premiums that have proved both effective and innovative for many clients. Our experience in product development, worldwide sourcing and supervised production ensures client satisfaction.

As well as providing an extensive range of standard promotional merchandise we provide a full 'One Stop' service for original design and customised premiums and promotional merchandise. Our creative solutions are effective and delivered on time.

At A.I. we abide by a strict code of practice and our reputation has been based on constantly updated skills and expertise. We are dedicated and committed to the manufacture and supply of quality customised products. No matter if it's a one-off special, a large volume run, SME, NGO or MNC client, your brief or our own concept, projects are always within budget and on schedule.

Whether it's a 50 x 30 foot branded national flag or 7mm metal badges for product branding, we handle any size, any material or any quantity with the same quality dedication. Our completed projects list and repeat client business testifies to the service you will receive.

Having our own wholly own offices in China and S.E.Asia means that as well as meeting your price and delivery targets we also meet your quality target by our own on site production control and quality inspection. Our decades of evolving experience means that you have advice not only on sourcing, design and production but on safety testing and appropriate certification for the Australian marketplace.

Our service extends to our own internal brainstorming and conceptualisation, a process that takes into account the client's targets in terms of delivery and budgets and also the feasibility of technically achieving the required product. This process allows for pre-production samples where required and appropriate testing, if needed, to comply with Australian Standards or any relevant certification, such as CE, FDA, RoHS etc.

Do you have any gift, premiums or merchandise requirements? Get in touch with one of our Australia based brand enhancement experts


- Dedicated and Experienced Australia based brand enhancement experts to manage your brands promotional merchandise needs. Your Brand Manager will ensure that your campaign including, campaign background, KPIs, budget, target audience and other forms of media being used are all considered when formulating your Tailored Concepts Options.

- Our Team has over 30 years experience in sourcing and manufacturing products in China and Asia and is in daily contact with our wholly owned Asian production offices.

- Our Australian and Asian production offices are strategically located whereby we can reach our manufacturing plants easily to oversee your merchandise production.

- We deal with reliable product suppliers that we have existing relationships with. Where we need to establish new manufacturing connections we research locally to find the right supplier. We do not carelessly use internet sourced suppliers.

- We have multi-lingual staff allowing better communication in suppliers’ language to achieve the best price and quality available.

- When an order is placed we provide a quality control procedure to ensure that product delivered is as good as or better than the sample approved


- Our beliefs are based on quality and excellence. When choosing manufacturing outside of Australia we understand that whatever product is ordered from Asia, all economic benefits are lost if the product is unacceptable due to bad quality.

 We guide you throughout the entire process from sourcing to delivery, which is why our clients return time after time.